Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Week!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! It's been very busy since the kids got out of school on Wednesday. We've been keeping them busy with lots of time at the pool. Also, Thursday was a holiday, so I've had some free time to do some exploring.
Thursday and today, I went back into Madrid. Thursday I went sight-seeing a little, and was thoroughly pleased that I was able to navigate my way through the city. While it definitely was more fun with Brenda, and I had a good day on my own. Today, I went back to the flea market Brenda and I went to (the biggest in Europe) to finish all my souvenir shopping. It was hot and crowded, but I did it!
Laura works one weekend a month, and this was that weekend, so it's just been me, Angel, and the kids this weekend. Next week starts our summer activities. Laura has some museums picked out for us to go to (I'm excited because Brenda and I didn't get a chance to see the Prado, so Laura said we can go there), and I'm going to start doing English lessons in the mornings. I have two little Disney reading comprehension workbooks. I think one's two advanced (I didn't really know the level of English they're at before I came; I actually still don't have that good of an idea because they're so hesitant to speak in English, but I think they know more than they let on), so I'm going to modify the activities a little bit. I hope they enjoy them, though. I want to start doing a "Words of the Day" thing and rewarding them when they use their vocab words.
Yesterday, I officially hit my "7 Weeks till I Come Home" mark. I can't believe I've been in Europe for 20 days! In some ways, I feel like I've been gone for so long, and in others 20 seems like an eternity.
I'm soo excited though because Devin was able to work out a time to come visit me! He wanted to come in August when we are in Asturias (in northern Spain), but travel there is expensive and hotels aren't cheap either, so we'd given up on him being able to. However, he was able to reschedule his trip to Texas to shadow his uncle (who is in the same field of surgery Devin wants to get into), and found a smokin' deal on airfair (better than mine, that brat). So he is coming July 13 for a week and I'm so thrilled! I really wanted him to be able to see Madrid, because I just love it. He's even staying in Las Rozas, so I can see him at night after the kids have gone to bed. I've already planned out the fun tourist things we're going to do, because there are some amazing things here that I can't imagine him missing!
Anyway, I know you're all MELTING back home. Well, I'm in the same boat. It's absolutely swetlering here. Though it's only 95 degrees (only a true Arizonan would say "only" before 95; however, I know you guys are well into the 100's), our house has no A/C and no fans. We just keep the windows and doors open all the time for circulation. At night, it's the worst. I can't sleep with my door open, so even though I keep the window open, there isn't much circulation and I usually wake up several times absolutely drenched.
I'm doing my part to stay hydrated though (I say this for those of you who have seen me faint or become violently ill due to lack of water). In fact, I'm sure Angel and Laura think I'm part camel for how much water I drink. But, I'd rather them think I'm strange for drinking 2 liters of water a day than thinking I'm a freak for fainting in their living room, or, better yet, projectile vomiting all over the kitchen. Such delightful options from your friendly little au pair.
Well, just wanted to give you guys an update! Hope all is well back home. Take care, and see you in 48 days (can't believe I'm in the 40's already!).

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Erin Quinn said...

Feels like you've been gone for weeks on end, sweetie, but so glad you're having a good time. Counting the days until you come home!