Sunday, June 19, 2011

And the Weekend Comes to an End

Today was a great day in the life of Hailey. I slept late, despite the fact that the children got up about an hour and a half before me. That's a phenomenal skill, to be able to sleep through the pitter patter of feet and the clamor of kids at play! Whew! After I got up and had some juice, Angel decided to take the children skating and since the weekends are technically my free time (they always give me the option of joining them, however), but I opted out and decided to go for a walk in search of the Starbucks I'd been told about. Laura has offered to buy me coffee several times, but I'm happy to ween myself off of my caffeine-dependency. Once or twice a week as a present to myself will certainly suffice! I was so proud of myself for actually finding it, because Angel gave me directions in Spanish and the street signs are opposite of ours back home (and of course because I get lost everywhere.) It was relaxing to just enjoy a coffee and read a little, and I'm looking forward to doing that during the weekend. The Starbucks was in the local mall, which was very pretty but extremely ritzy, so I don't anticipate doing much shopping (which is probably for the best!).
Angel and Laura picked me up from the mall because I don't have an exterior key and because we were off to lunch with Laura's family after that. We went to this amazing sea food restaurant where we ate sooo much. There were at least 6 or 7 plates on the table to start and we all just shared. I was thinking, "Finally, an appropriately-sized meal." We had octopus, shrimp, paella, patte, salad and bread. Then they brought out the entrees, and I had to eat an entire fish and more salad. When the waiter came with the entrees I turned to Laura and asked, "Hay mas?! (There's more!?) and her family thought that was absolutely hilarious. By the time we came to dessert, I thought I'd never be able to eat again. I don't know if my body is just in the habit of putting things in my stomach now or if I'm acquiring a Spanish appetite, but I even have a serious case of the munchies right now, which I cannot understand (and I'm trying to resist!).
Laura left for work at about 9 tonight. She works 24-hour shifts for the airforce and only works 2-3 shifts a week. This is her first since I've been here. So tomorrow Angel will take the children to school on his way to work, and I will be home alone until Danny gets home (Laura has swim lessons, so she won't be home till 7 or so), and then Angel gets home around 8 and mom-Laura around 11. Laura meant to leave me her exterior key so I could go for a walk if I wanted, but I think she forgot so I will just enjoy a day of leisure at the house!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned that their dog is sick, but Laura told me this afternoon he has to be put down. I know how rough that is, and I'm so sad they have to go through it. She's still so worried about making me at home that I told her to please not worry about me and I'm happy to do anything extra I can. I am very sad for them, and hope the children take it okay.
But it's been a nice weekend overall, aside from that unfortunate news. I'm really started to enjoy life here! I loved Spain from the very beginning, and now that I'm adjusting to things in Las Rozas, I'm very happy. I'm planning to go back into Madrid on Sunday afternoon to visit the flea market and relax a little. I'd like to either visit Segovia or Toledo one weekend before we leave for Asturias at the end of July; hopefully the other au pair I met is also interested!
I'm sad to be missing Father's Day, but I hope my dad's having a fabulous day! Miss you all, and looove you! :)

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