Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hola, Lisboa!

Well, we got into Lisbon yesterday! It was a long 20-some hours of travel--especially being stuck in Miami airport for 9 hrs. We flew TAP Portugal from Miami to Portugal--which was the airline's inaugural flight from Miami. It made it rather confusing since no one at the airport knew where their ticketing counter was, which was alarming. When we finally found someone who had heard of the airline, we saw all sorts of photographers and men in suits at their counter and found out it was the first time they were flying from Miami. There was a huge celebration at the gate with press and a ceremonial ribbon cutting and a bunch of free snacks. Of course, Brenda and I chowed down. When we boarded, they gave us a free gift set which was really cute. The plane was really nice, and they fed us twice, which of course we loved too.
We landed in Lisbon at noon, and got to our hostel at about one. We were confused at the hostel, because we couldn't find the front desk and the directions had said that it was on the first floor. When we used the page button, I remembered in Europe the ground floor is floor 0 and the second floor is floor 1. Oh, the things you learn in Spanish class!
We checked in, and found out we're the only people in our 12 person room, which is nice. There is a construction site right outsie our room, which is annoying, but it's not too bad. We explored all day yesterday, walking around the streets and poked into a church. We ended up at this cute bar where we enjoyed a pitcher of sangria and some local munchies (like these little fruits and snails!). We got a little turned around (and it doesn't help that we don't speak Portuguese) but we found our way back and accidentally fell asleep. Then we just ended up staying in for the night and Skyping.
We're planning on going to the beach and Belem today, and going to a discoteca with the only other guest who's staying here!
Wish us luck! Miss you all!

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