Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I can't believe I've been an au pair for a week!

The WiFi’s down here, so I’m writing this entry from my word processor (so I apologize if the formatting turns out to be weird!).

Today’s my second day being home alone. Yesterday, both Laura and Angel had to go to work, and the children are both in school still, so I was at the house alone until the afternoon when Angel came home to pick the children up from school and take Laura to swim lessons. It was a nice relaxing day for me. I slept in late (after waking up early to Skype Devin because our schedules have been so conflicting lately we hadn’t been able to talk much), and then made myself a Hailey-sized breakfast. I had two pieces of toast and a glass of milk. Every meal here is delicious, but they consist of so many parts it’s overwhelming (and scary, because I’m afraid I’m going to pack on 50 lbs here!), so it was nice to have something small and simple. Then, the housekeeper gave me an exterior key, so I was able to go for a walk down to Starbucks where I enjoyed a chai latte (though the venti’s here are smaller--I don’t know how they measure them since venti stands for 20 ounces and they don’t use ounces here--and cost more) and read a little. Then I walked back home, made myself lunch (some smoked salmon on bread) and watched a movie on my computer. When Danny got home, we made a house out of an old cardboard box, and he told me all the parts in Spanish. Then we went down to the pool with this nerf rocket launcher he had and we played down there until Laura got home. The evening ended with Danny shooting the rocket into someone’s backyard, which he was very upset about it, but no one was home. We went upstairs, had dinner, and watched some cartoons before we showered and went to bed.

Laura got home last night, and right now she and Angel are at the vet with their dog, Tripi. I am so sad for them today because I know they’re having a very hard time. I hope I am not an additional stress on them, and that I can help them. I’m not sure if they’ve told the kids yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be rough.

This morning I went for my first run in what felt like an eon. There are a lot of good hills around here that made for a really challenging workout. I wish I could get into an exercise routine, but I know after Wednesday, when the children’s vacation begins, that’s going to be near to impossible. It still felt good to get out and do something though.

Today also marks my first week here! I feel like I’ve been here much longer, but that just shows how fast you can adapt to stuff when you’re surrounded by it. This is also my complete second week of being in Europe. Our vacation seems an eternity ago as well.

Well, my mom’s out of town so I don’t think I will be getting to Skype with her this week. But she’s in New York so she’s halfway to Madrid if she’s interested. Love you all and miss you. Take care!

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Erin Quinn said...

Not in NY yet, kiddo. In Santa Clara this week. Looking forward to getting home and talking to you though. Miss you!