Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Funny Story

Angel and Laura just told me a funny story I wanted to make sure to post before I forgot (sometimes at the end of the day I'm overwhelmed by everything that has happened that I forget some stuff). But this morning when I woke up, I swore I heard someone crying. Sometimes when my bedroom window's open, the voices outside are so loud that I confuse them with the voices inside the house (especially when I'm just waking up!), so I wasn't sure if it was the children or not. Since Angel and Laura were going to the vet right after the school, I wasn't going with them and didn't need to wake up so I just brushed it off. At lunch, Laura told me that there's a fire drill at the school today, and little Laura didn't want to go to school because she thought they were really setting the school on fire, and she was scared. They finally got her to understand it was just a mock exercise, but I thought that was so cute! I had to share. :)

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