Friday, May 27, 2011

9 Days & Counting!

I can't believe my last week in Arizona is next week! I keep thinking of all the little things I have to do (and of course, taking care of the little ones like making this blog), and I know next week is going to be crazy! Here is a list of everything I need to get finished before June 6!

1. Clean my room & get all my things packed so I'm ready to move back into the dorms as soon as I get back.
2. Wash my car.
3. Buy a journal.
4. Buy a plug adaptor & voltage convertor.
5. Get my traveler's insurance all squared away.
6. Attend Devin's Mom's bridal shower on Friday.
7. Attend my going-away BBQ next Sunday.
8. Do laundry & pack.
9. Buy all my toiletries & snacks.
10. Have a garage sale tomorrow morning so I can make a few extra bucks & get rid of a few things I don't need.
11. Purchase a new vacation outfit or two.
12. Plot out mine & Brenda's tourist itinerary in Lisbon & Madrid.
13. Spend as much time with family & friends as possible.
14. Work 8-5 Tuesday & Wednesday.
15. Pick up & deposit my paycheck on Friday.
16. Call my bank and inform them of my travel plans so they don't put a hold on my cards.

Whew! Good thing I'm an avid coffee drinker..

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